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Bill Covering Workers’ Comp for California First Responders In Las Vegas Concert Shooting Expected to Pass State Senate

A bill that could award workers compensation benefits to off-duty California police officers wounded in last October’s mass shooting at a concert in Las Vegas is expected to pass the California State Senate. The bill–which has already passed the state Assembly by a unanimous vote–has been amended in the Senate to refer explicitly to the October shooting.

What the Bill Offers

According to Jordan Graham reporting for the Orange County Register, AB 1749 clarifies language in the state’s labor code that already requires workers’ compensation benefits be paid to California police officers who get injured off duty while responding to out-of-state crimes and life-threatening emergencies.

During its third reading in the Senate, the bill—introduced by Anaheim-based Assemblyman Tom Daly—was amended to explicitly mention the Las Vegas shooting, so that cities and counties may see it as enough of a clarification of the current law to start paying claims arising from the October massacre.

Compensating Injured Heroes

Graham notes that over 200 California police officers attended the country music show in Las Vegas last October on which Stephen Paddock fired from a hotel window, killing 58 people and wounding more than 500.

Graham further notes that:

“During the shooting, many of those officers helped move people to safety, performed CPR and aided local police who were trying to secure the area. Some California officers, such as Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Owen, were shot while responding, while others said they developed PTSD from the incident.”

Representing All California Workers

This bill would help rightfully compensate so-called “off-duty police officers” who are injured or killed protecting our society, along with their families. If you encounter problems collecting benefits for a work-related injury, contact Accident Recovery Legal Center today at 1-888-931-WORK (9675) to schedule a free consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.