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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about Workers' Compensation

Yes. You will also have to file a DWC-1 claim form, also known as a California workers’ compensation claim form.

If the workers’ compensation insurance company denies your claim, you may request a hearing before the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

Yes. After you report your injury to your doctor, you will be instructed to see a physician in your employer’s network. The doctor will examine you and write a report that you must give to your employer to turn into their insurance provider.

There are several ways in which you can see your own physician as opposed to one in your employer’s network. If your health insurance is covered by your employer, you can predesignate your primary care physician before an injury occurs by filling out a DWC Form 9783.

If you didn’t predesignate a doctor, the only way you can opt out of seeing a doctor in your employer’s network is if they didn’t handle the workers’ compensation process properly. Examples of this include if they failed to inform you of the ability to predesignate, didn’t report your injury to their insurance provider, or somehow otherwise failed to alert you of your rights.

In the event that you feel you haven’t received a fair or accurate examination, you may request a secondary examination from another doctor from the insurance company. If you are working with us, we will file this request for you and choose an agreed-upon provider with the insurance company.

No. However, your chances of collecting the benefits you need are greatly increased if you have someone with extensive knowledge of the laws and policies at play representing you.

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