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Tragic San Diego Rebar Collapse Turns Fatal

This month, a rebar collapse during a construction project at the University of California San Diego campus killed one worker and injured four others. NBC 7 San Diego reports that the workers were working on a high-rise construction project when a 35-foot rebar column collapsed. Two workers were immediately sent to the hospital, while two others were treated for serious injuries. One of the patients, 32-year-old Sergio Cruz, died from his injuries.

Construction safety is serious

The construction project, which is being led by Clark Construction, was slated to be completed in 2020. One eye witness said that the rebar columns were “bent over like little blades of glass,” adding, “Whatever made those things bend over must have been pretty heavy. The incident is currently being investigated by Cal OSHA.

Take action to protect construction sites

At Accident Recovery Legal Center, we often meet with clients who are afraid to speak out against unsafe conditions and practices for fear that they will harm their employers. However, as this incident illustrates, the stakes are too high to avoid speaking out. Ultimately, identifying and acting against unsafe practices is the best way to prevent future tragedy.

If you have been injured on the job, getting justice for your injuries will not only help you recover and move forward, but it will also help stop the same thing from happening to someone else. Accident Recovery Legal Center has been providing workers’ compensation attorney services to San Jose and Salinas workers since 1984. Call 1-888-931-WORK (9675) today to schedule a free initial consultation.