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Urban Agriculture Opportunities in California

We’ve all seen the many empty lots that dot many parts of California. Even after a developer purchases land, it can sometimes be many years before anything gets built there. Now, thanks to a new state law that was recently passed,cities and counties will have the ability to establish Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones to drive productive usage of these properties.

Bringing Agriculture to Cities

The new law, known as the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Act, enables cities and counties to designate areas where landowners can get property tax deductions for turning vacant properties into urban farms for at least five years. It is open to any lots between 0.10 acres and 3 acres; however, a city and county need to approve the zones before they can be enacted. Currently, Santa Clara County is currently pursuing a proposal to bring the program to San Jose and other cities in the area.

This act seeks to both bring economic activity to otherwise inactive land and to provide urban areas with sources for healthy and sustainable food. In a country with where obesity and other related health issues are always a pressing concern, the increased ability of farm fresh produce certainly has broad appeal.

Looking Out for Workers in Northern California

Of course, when it comes to property development, there is always a need to take into account the safety of all workers involved. The heavy equipment and materials used in property development can lead to serious injuries, and workers who have been injured deserve to be taken care of. Accident Recovery Legal Center has been serving San Jose and Salinas employees to protect their rights and secure fair workers’ compensation for their injuries. If you have been hurt on the job, we’ll fight tirelessly to get you justice. Call us today at 1-888-931-WORK (9675) to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney.